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Decorate these 5 Forgotten Spaces to Make Your Home Beautiful

Wondering what you can put in the empty spaces of your home? The right window dressing can compliment any room… even the rooms you forget about.

When it comes to decorating your home, you want to portray the very best version of it to guests and neighbours. Nevertheless, homeowners in the UK seem to always overlook certain areas of the house. Here at Paul James Blinds, we have helped hundreds of Essex residents find the correct blinds to match any décor, or any forgotten room. Here are the areas of the home where we could work our magic and improve your home’s aesthetic.

5 Places You (Probably) Forgot To Decorate

There are places in the home that we discount because they either are not large or don’t have high traffic. Decorating these places will give your home the edge over your neighbours. More importantly, every little touch makes you enjoy time spent with family that little bit more. Here are five places in your home you can add those touches.

1 – Your Hallway

Hallways all over Britain are neglected and forgotten. UK homeowners tend to make the hallway an extension of the living space. This means you use the same carpeting and usually a plain white wall. Instead, your hallway should have the chance to pop. We suggest vertical blinds in the hallway. Blackout blinds can help control the brightness and adding a set of wooden shutters can really improve curb appeal.

2 – The Upstairs Landing

You can add shutters to every window of your home if you want to. Faux wood shutters look good on your living room, kitchen, and bedroom windows. When you miss out the hallway, it affects the overall look of the property. Don’t forget about your upstairs landing. A pleated blind will add texture here, if you don’t want to shutter it for the security value.

3 – The Loft

OK, so you don’t have to completely decorate your attic. However, if you do decide to add a room up there, a nice Velux window will add light to the space. You might even instal a protruding dormer window, instead. Depending on what you do with it, a perfect fit blind will clip into the window frame and keep some of the heat in. Perfect fits are easy to remove for cleaning and fit snugly against the frame, benefiting any window on a slant.

4 – The Study/Home Office

You probably set up your home office in a hurry as your office went remote. Many of us are working at kitchen tables or sitting on couches. A blackout blind will help you block out the light and comes in a variety of styles. You can have wooden blackouts, wooden panel blinds, plantation shutters – and these are on trend for the first half of the 2020’s.

5 – The Kitchen

Although we do decorate the kitchen, it is one of the highest traffic areas of the house. This means that it needs an update far more frequently than other rooms. Compliment the lighting in the kitchen with pretty Venetians or Roman blinds. A Duette blind is another modern way to emphasise the importance of the heart of your home.

Need advice on matching blinds to your décor?

If you need extra help deciding which set of blinds matches which types of furnishings, then we would be delighted to hear from you. Call our Bury St Edmunds, Braintree, Sudbury, Witham, Stowmarket, or Manningtree offices. You can always contact us online for a free home visit if you would like in-home assistance choosing blinds. Our skilled blinds technicians in England will be delighted to help.

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