5 Places You’re Forgetting to Decorate in Your Home

We all take great pleasure in decking out our home to reflect our personalities, hobbies and interests, yet even with our meticulous care and attention, there are some places in the house that often get forgotten about.

The team here at Paul James Blinds know just how important the little details are to interior decorating, and it is often these finishing touches that bring a room together and make it work. With this in mind, we’ve compiled this list of five places you’re forgetting to decorate in your home.


Whether at the bottom, top or even as a split level in longer staircases, landings can often be wasted space. If you have a window on your landing, you can make this spot into a seated, relaxation area by adding a windowsill bench or an armchair. A Roman blind will add a nice texture to the area, or shutters can make the space more visually interesting.

If you don’t have a window on your landing, why not add a painting or photo to break up the wall? You could even consider adding a bookcase and make the space into a reading nook.

Decorate in Your landing


Interior design has progressed dramatically over the years, with many of us taking more and more creative risks with our home decor. The ceilings in our homes, however, have remained the same flat white space they’ve always been. If you’re looking to add more texture or colour to your rooms, the ceiling provides the blank canvas you need.

When decorating the ceiling, it is best to keep the colours muted to avoid overpowering the decor – whilst the roof of the Sistine Chapel is noted as one of the most beautiful pieces of art in history, you might find it a bit distracting if it’s replicated on your bedroom ceiling.

“That weird corner where nothing fits”

We all have these spaces in our homes, normally formed by accommodating staircases or the neighbours’ chimney breasts, these spaces present a challenging area to decorate because simply nothing fits!

The key to making this space more attractive is to add textures and furnishings to visually catch your eye and make the space look valuable rather than wasted. Artwork, a pouffe or armchair and lots of cushions and blankets can create a cosy corner that looks perfectly planned.


When discussing the use of lighting in decorating, it’s best to split the category into two: natural lighting and artificial lighting. To make the most of your natural lighting, and indeed your windows, you can opt for a feature piece, such as a a patterned roller blind.

With regards to your artificial lighting, there are many ways you can decorate the otherwise ignored feature. You can invest in some extravagant lampshades, for example, and turn your otherwise boring lamp or bulb into a decorative piece, or even swap the bulbs for different hues to create ambience lighting.

Non-working fireplaces

A lot of old houses have large, extravagant fireplaces that take precedence in a room, and if these fireplaces are no longer functioning, it can seem like a bit of a blight on the decor. With some careful decorating, though, you can make this otherwise useless space into a kitsch little feature. If you’re a book lover, you can use this space to store all of your favourite books, decluttering the house whilst also making sure your favourite hobby takes centre stage to your visitors.

If reading isn’t your thing, you can play on the fireplace’s intended purpose by filling it with logs; bringing a touch of nature into your home will add a welcoming, comfortable feel. Another idea is to fill the empty space with antiques or collectibles. A vintage style globe, for example, is a nice, classic accessory to add to the decor and is suited to a whole host of interior decorating styles.

Paul James Blinds have a range of stylish blind and curtain designs to provide the finishing touches to your home decor. From soft, luxurious Roman blinds to sleek, modern roller blinds, we’re guaranteed to have the right window treatment for your home. For more information on our range, contact us and we’ll be happy to provide you with more information.


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