The 5 Most Popular Blinds in the UK

While the usefulness of blinds never changes, tastes and trends of blinds do. In keeping up appearances, it is vital to be able to monitor these ever-changing decorative trends, especially when you’re looking to re-adorn your windows. Fortunately, here at Paul James Blinds, we stock a variety of blinds and ensure that our designs are on trend at all times. But what are the most popular blinds in the UK at the moment? Here, we’ll be detailing just that.

5 – Pleated Blinds

Pleated blinds are a sophisticated design that has proven very popular in the country. These are a modern and stylish blind that create a soft, delicate aesthetic in the rooms they are installed in. A variety of soft fabrics are pleated together to create this effect, which creates a relaxed atmosphere with excellent lighting controls.

4 – Venetian Blinds

A style of blinds that has been popular for hundreds of years, Venetian blinds can be found throughout the UK and much of the rest of the world, too. They originated from the merchant city of Venice, having been brought there from the Persian Empire. It was an American, however, that designed the ingenious method of controlling the angles of the slats that is now a staple feature of the style. They can be created using a variety of colours and materials, and work well in a whole host of settings.

3 – Vertical Blinds

At number three, vertical blinds can be found throughout professional and domestic buildings alike. They are a highly functional blind design that provides a great degree of privacy control without compromising on the amount of natural light that fills the room. Timeless and simple, vertical blinds are a favourite of schools and offices, but with more pleasing colours can fit perfectly in homes as well.

The 5 Most Popular Blinds in the UK

2 – Wooden Blinds

Whether real or faux, wooden blinds have affirmed their place as one of the most popular blinds in the country. Although they are often offered in Venetian style, they may also come in other styles such as shutters and, less often, vertical blinds. However, the variety of different wood materials on offer, each with their own texture and look, make them the second most popular type of blind, regardless of exact design, in the UK.

1 – Roman Blinds

Above all others, roman blinds have proven to be the most popular style of blinds for thousands of years, and here in the UK in 2016, that’s no different. Roman blinds introduce large amounts of colour and vibrancy to the rooms they’re installed in. They are an elegant addition that folds away neatly. Moreover, they are also a great insulator. No more needs to be said about the qualities of Roman blinds; they have stood the test of time, and are the most popular blinds in the country.

When you go out to choose a fresh set of blinds, sometimes it pays to know the types of blinds are most popular. However, above all else it pays to know that your supplier will be able to provide blinds of outstanding quality, which is where Paul James Blinds can be of assistance.

Paul James Blinds are the expert blind, awning and curtain specialists of the Colchester, Sudbury, Colchester, Braintree & Bury St Edmunds areas. We use the best brands in the field to provide top quality and reliable products at a price you can afford. We offer made-to-measure blinds including Roman blinds, Venetian blinds, vertical blinds and more, perfect for use in both domestic and commercial settings. For a free no obligation survey, contact our friendly team today.



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