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Ideal for Homes with children and Pets

Looking for easy-to-use blinds in Colchester? Perfect Fit®  Blinds are extremely practical. These blinds sit perfectly in a frame that moves with your windows and doors when you open or close them. Forget about drills and screws; these blinds clip on, no hassle involved. You get neat windows and the peace of mind that there’s no damage done.

Our blinds are designed for every mood, whether you want sunlight or a breeze, and they fit perfectly with doors and windows that open inwards. You can pick from modern roller styles to classic Venetian designs. With no cords, they’re safe around kids, and they help save on energy bills too.

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    Since starting in 2010, Paul James Blinds has been a go-to choice in Suffolk and Essex for top-quality, custom blinds and shutters. Our founder wanted to do things a bit differently, focusing more on the people we serve rather than just the products we sell.

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    Perfect Fit Home Blinds - Paul James Blinds
    Perfect Fit Blinds For Home & Office - Paul James Blinds
    Perfect Fit Blinds - Paul James Blinds
    Perfect Fit Blinds - Paul James Blinds


    ✔ Wide range of fabric shades and patterns

    ✔ Uncomplicated set-up

    ✔ Minimal gaps for enhanced privacy

    ✔Simple to remove when cleaning or redecorating

    ✔ Effortless automation potential

    At Paul James, we understand the need for simplicity. Our Perfect Fit® Blinds for UPVC windows and doors offer just that. Easy to fit, wrapped in stylish aluminium that comes in various colours, they stay in place with clever brackets. Whether you’re opening or shutting your windows and doors, these blinds adjust nicely. And with choices ranging from the wavy design of Roller Blinds to the timeless look of Venetian Blinds, you’re spoiled for choice.

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