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Ideal for Homes with children and Pets

Give your windows a fresh makeover with the Louvolite Perfect Fit® system. This clever method doesn’t require drilling or screwing. It’s easy to install, modern-looking, and works with various blinds, making it a favourite for a clean and stylish look.

The standout feature of the Louvolite Perfect Fit® system is its integration. The blind slides effortlessly into a stylish frame, ensuring your windows and doors work as they should, balancing shade and ventilation. If you’re a fan of the latest tech, you’ll be pleased to hear our Perfect Fit® blinds can be powered up with the Louvolite One Touch® rechargeable motors.

Open or shut your windows and doors, and the blinds act in sync, giving you shade and a breeze when needed. They’re a great choice for doors that open inwards.

And with our variety of materials, from Pleated to Roller Blinds or Venetian Blinds, you’re spoilt for choice. 

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    Perfect Fit® blinds help you control the light and mood in your room with ease. With a mix of pleated materials and Venetian styles, there’s a world of textures to choose from. Our fabrics also help control room temps, making them suitable for conservatories.

    Our blinds come with a damage-free clipping mechanism onto your windows. And to keep things consistent, we can match the frame to your existing window frames. With child safety in mind, our wire-free pleated blinds are a fantastic pick.

    For a closer look at the magic behind Paul James Blinds’ Perfect Fit® range in Ipswich, why not book a home visit? Our team will guide you, measure up, and offer a complimentary no-obligation quote.

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    Perfect Fit Blinds For Home & Office - Paul James Blinds
    Perfect Fit Blinds - Paul James Blinds
    Perfect Fit Blinds - Paul James Blinds


    ✔ A broad range of fabric hues and designs to fit your home’s vibe.

    ✔ Straightforward installation without the mess of drilling or screwing.

    ✔ Slim gaps to boost your privacy.

    ✔ Safety is paramount: our design is cord-free, meaning no risky cords or loops.

    ✔ Energy-saving fabrics to keep bills down.

    ✔ Neat and tidy window sills.

    ✔ Simple to remove for cleaning.

    ✔ Easy to automate

    Paul James’ Perfect Fit® Blinds are tailor-made for UPVC windows, doors, and conservatories. The beauty lies in the straightforward, damage-free installation. Framed in elegant aluminium with multiple colour choices, these blinds are held in place using clever friction brackets.

    Perfect Fit Blinds Ipswich - Paul James Blinds
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