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How to Make a Room Cosy

Having a cosy home is important for encouraging a relaxing environment to help you unwind after a hard day at work. If your home’s not offering the comfortable sanctuary you’re craving, we’ve got some top tips to improve the comfort of your room with minimal effort.

Soft Furnishings

Soft, textured fabrics instantly make a room feel more cosy and warm, while stark, smooth materials will have the opposite effect. Choose wools, furs, heavy cottons, velvets and suedes to introduce soft elements into your room, and avoid anything that looks cold or artificial, such as polyester, aluminium etc.

To really make your room as cosy as possible, layer up on your soft furnishings, using a wide variety of blankets, rugs and cushions in different fabrics.
To dress your window for cosiness, layer a plush, thick curtain over a roller or Roman blind to make the room feel more snug.


To make your room look welcoming, avoid arranging your furniture in a formal L shape or pushing seating back against the walls. Instead, pull out your seating to surround a focal point, like a fire, and open up the space behind to create a room space that flows. If you have enough room, create more than one seating area, perhaps introducing an armchair or bean bag in a corner to create a relaxed environment.


Avoid cooling colours such as whites, light blues, pinks, light greys and black, instead opting for rich browns, reds and deep greens. If you’re not keen on fully committing to such dramatic colours, you can keep your walls a neutral colour and introduce colours through your soft furnishings or key pieces of furniture, an example being to combine a dark green leather armchair with maroon cushions for a perfectly eclectic, cosy reading chair.

If you have pale wood furniture in your home, glossing it a darker and more intense brown will dramatically alter the appearance of the room and make it seem warmer and more welcoming.


Harsh lighting can look very artificial, which doesn’t promote a cosy feel. Try dispersing your light sources, for example, swapping an overhead bulb for floor lamps or string lighting will cast a more muted lighting that’s great for relaxing in. You should also invest in some quality light shades to soften the overhead lighting.

To stop light pollution glaring through your windows, ensure you have good quality blinds installed so you have more control over the lighting in your home. You could even opt for blackout blinds to completely eliminate outside light pollutions and cocoon yourself off from the world.

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