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How to Remove Perfect Fit Blinds?

Your quick and simple guide to removing perfect fit blinds.

Wondering how you remove the Perfect Fit style of blinds from your home or commercial property? We are here to help. Simply follow the instructions below and you can strip back to bare windows in no time.

A Little About Perfect Fit Blinds from Paul James Blinds

Here at Paul James Blinds, we aim to be your end-to-end blind and shutters specialists. We provide excellent quality blinds solutions for your home. office, or property, so we know a thing or two about installation and removal of blinds. As an expert fitting service with years of experience, we are perfectly placed to advise you on safe removal of your perfect fit blinds.

Perfect Fit blinds are made to measure and fit fast to your windows. This makes them one of the hardest types of blinds to remove. Here’s how you can remove them at home, on your own. Remember, you can always call us on 0800 030 6038, should you need a helping hand. You can also book a free home visit to find out if you want blinds of your own.

How to Remove Your Perfect Fit blinds?

Perfect fit can come in different styles. You might have a pleated perfect fit, or a Venetian style one. Whatever type of blind you go for, it will always be made to measure, ideally fitted to your window to within a hair’s breadth.

To remove your Perfect Fit blind, you may need a screwdriver. You may not. First, make sure your blind is in the fully open position. Next, locate the top corners. If there is room, try to grip the blind on either side and pull firmly downwards on one corner at a time. If this isn’t enough to bring the framing away from the blind, you can slide a screwdriver into the space and leverage the corners out.

Once both top corners are free, the rest of the frame for your Perfect Fit blind should follow. If you try to do both of the top corners at once it may not work. If you don’t pull firmly enough, the bracket might not release the frame of your blind and again, it won’t come free. Be sure to work each corner individually and be firm.

Why Perfect Fit Blinds are Ideal for Your Home?

As you can see, Perfect Fit blinds are simple to remove. This means that they are easy to pop out and clean, then pop back into the brackets. You should clean your blinds with a soft cloth and hot soapy water. You may wish to use a fabric refresher/cleaner to clean a fabric perfect fit blind.

The Perfect Fit blind is ideal for blocking out as much or as little light as you want. It can be fully black-out, or it can be kept open for a brighter room. It is ideal for children and animals because there are no bottom strings for them to tangle. The ease of cleaning combined with the effortless installation process of our expert team, means Perfect Fit blinds are a firm favorite with clients, time and time again.

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