Make the Most of your Patio this Summer

Make the Most of your Patio this Summer

Patios are a very popular garden feature. Not only are they low maintenance but they provide the ideal place to put garden furniture, such as a table and chairs, so you can sit back and enjoy the ambience of your beautiful garden, whether it’s with an ice cold drink in your hand or your favourite book.

You may already have a patio in your garden or perhaps you’re considering one, either way, have a read through this article to discover the different ways you can make the most of your patio this summer.

Keep it covered

For many, the weather is the one thing that dictates whether you can actually use your patio or not, but with a canopy or awning, you can decide when the time is right to sit outside. Come rain or shine, awnings and canopies can protect you and your outdoor furniture from the elements, providing a sheltered area for all the family to enjoy still. Not only this but it can also enhance your outside living area, improving its general aesthetics making it an attractive aspect for any potential buyers, if you’re looking to move on in the near future.

Patio heater

Patios are great to enjoy during the hot summer months but in the autumn, it can be rather chilly to be sitting outside, and even on a summer’s night temperatures can drop making us head indoors to the warmth. However, with a patio heater you can stay outside without the worry of catching a chill. There are various heaters to choose from, including free standing heaters; an extremely practical choice that can go anywhere on the patio, table-top heaters; these are often gas-operated and will keep you warm when sitting around the table – perfect for social gatherings, and wall-mounted heaters for some more discreet and out of the way.


Over time, a layer of moss, algae and lichen can build up on your patio altering its colour and general appearance. Before the start of the summer, when you are likely to use the patio the most, get your wellies and overalls out and give it a good wash to restore its original appearance (or as close to it as possible, depending on its age). Pressure washers are excellent for this manual task as the powerful jets do all the hard work for you! Just be aware that if your patio is made from natural stone, it is not advisable to use a pressure washer as blasting it can damage the stone.

Spruce it up

Now you’ve sorted out the practicalities – the shelter, heat and cleanliness – it’s time to brighten the space up and make it look pretty! We recommend growing the following plants and flowers to make your patio space look even better!

  • Geraniums
  • Sunflowers
  • Herbs a
  • Gardenias
  • Lantana

Here at Paul James Blinds, we supply the highest quality canopies and awnings to perfectly finish your patio area off. With a range of different styles and colours available, we can help you find something that suits your surrounds and falls within your budget. Please contact us for more details on our patio canopies and awnings today.

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