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The Best Blinds for Hayfever Sufferers

Can the blinds you choose help with Hayfever?

In short, yes! But before we get into the details, let’s take a look at what hayfever is, and why the Summer months can be so miserable for sufferers!

On average, 1 in 4 people in the UK suffers from some form of hayfever. Hayfever – or allergic rhinitis to give it the more technical name – is the inflammation within the nasal passage triggered by allergens, usually pollen. 

Pollen is in the air for a large part of the year, usually March through to October, with spikes in severity throughout summer. It can be difficult to totally eradicate the symptoms – especially when outdoors – but there is a way that your blinds can help with reducing the impact of pollen within your household.

The Best Blinds for Hayfever Sufferers

Which blinds help with hayfever?

Louvolite, having been producing blinds since the 1960s, have now developed a special type of treated fabric which helps to tackle hayfever as well as dust mites. They call the material Pollergen, which has been designed by their very own chemists, following on their tradition of innovation within the company. 

Aside from this, having normal blinds won’t necessarily help to prevent pollen and other allergens getting into the house, but the shade and cooling impact of a blind can be something of a relief for anyone suffering from the symptoms of hayfever.


How do Pollergen blinds work?

Easily distributed through the air due to their microscopic, lightweight nature, pollen can often enter your home through your windows – even when they’re not open all the way.

Developed specially by Louvolite, Pollergen blinds are treated with a chemical which captures pollen and dust when it lands on the surface of the material. This means that up to half the allergens coming into your room can be captured and neutralised. The neutralisation of pollen on the fabric means that even if the blinds are rustled or jostled, the microscopic particles released won’t impact anyone who suffers from hayfever.

Pollergen blinds by Louvolite even have the seal of approval from the British Allergy Foundation, giving you peace of mind that they really are one of the best options out there for anyone suffering from hayfever. While they don’t promise total relief from hayfever, they’re a powerful defence against the particles which trigger the allergic reaction.


Can I clean Pollergen blinds?

You can clean Pollergen blinds in much the same way as ordinary blinds, using a lightly damp cloth to wipe the surface of the blind. Don’t worry about the treatment on the material, it will naturally come to the surface of the blind to provide the same constant protection from allergens.

Coming in a variety of styles and colours, you don’t have to compromise on your decor in order to tackle allergens in your home. To find out more about the Louvolite Pollergen range, look no further than Paul James Blinds. Our team are dedicated to helping you find the right blinds for your needs and can provide them in a range of styles and fabrics. We’re trusted blinds suppliers and installers with over 8 years of experience and serve Sudbury, Colchester and beyond

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