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Allusion Blinds

Allusion blinds, sometimes called Louvolite Blinds, are the top trend in blinds for your home hitting North Essex right now. Find out all about Allusion® blinds below.

Louvolite are the people behind the Allusion blinds. Billing their product as unique, subtle, and stunning, this blinds brand have truly managed to tap into the needs of blinds customers throughout Britain. Every day, more and more Paul James Blinds customers are asking us about this new style of blinds and we are happy to advise. Here is everything you need to know about this remarkable new type of blinds for your home or office.

What are Allusion® Blinds?

Allusion Blinds are a new option for keeping your home filled with lovely light. They usually take the form of an elegant drop vertical blinds set, but these are a little different. Instead of full solid fabrics, these blinds have two vertical panels, each offering partial cover. One of those fabrics is opaque and the other is transparent with a sheer to it. These two types of textured blinds come together to give full functionality in terms of daylight control.

When open, or when you open the blinds sheer side, you can see out into the world beyond. You have your windows covered, therefor allowing a little energy efficiency to stop the windows leaking hot air. However, you can see out and enjoy the soft warmth of a diffused light. Allusion blinds have the light control of Vision blinds, the privacy of blackouts, and the durability of perfect fits.

At night time, you can fully close both sets of vertical panels on your new Allusion blinds. Doing this means you have the complete privacy and security of blocking out any wandering eyes. Allusion® blinds go from full cover to half cover to no cover. They offer 100% control over the daylight that enters your home. They also give you the privacy you would expect from a full coverage blind.

It’s no wonder, then, that hundreds of people are switching to an Allusion® Blind, today.

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    What are the Benefits of Allusion® Blinds?

    There are multiple benefits of the Allusion® Blinds which is what makes them so popular. Here are customer favourites which we have overheard:

    • Full light control
    • Energy efficient blinds
    • Open blinds window dressing is pretty
    • Closed they give full privacy
    • Good looking on the inside and from the outside
    • Innovative material that has a shimmer to it
    • Follow the vertical drop blind pattern which has been popular in Britain for a full generation or more

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    Where to Shop for Allusion® Blinds in the UK?

    You can shop for Allusion® Blinds right here with Paul James Blinds. We represent the biggest selection of blinds for your home or business within the Essex area. For blinds from Colchester to Ipswich, we are happy to provide the answer. Shop online, call us, or drop into our nearest showroom today. The Allusion® blinds you have been searching for are already waiting for you in our warehouse.

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