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Panel Blinds 

Help to shade Larger Windows or Doors

All of Paul James Blinds’ products are manufactured in the UK and installed by a team of dedicated, experienced fitters to ensure a top quality product and a beautiful final installation.

Our superb panel blinds are perfect for use in the conservatory or any other overexposed room.

The strip of material shields the room from excess light perfectly, and panel blinds are a great option for preventing glare in rooms with televisions.

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    These blinds are available in many stunning colours and designs, creating a chic aesthetic in any home decor.

    To ensure a perfect fitting, Paul James Blinds’ team of the finest measurers and fitters operate in precise measurements to ensure the end product not only looks luxurious but works perfectly.

    To organise your free home visit in Tendring, Essex, or Suffolk, get in contact with our team of friendly advisors, and we’ll be happy to assist you with any enquiries you may have.

    Fitting large windows

    Panel blinds are a perfect option for very large windows that normal blinds would be too heavy or too expensive to fit, providing excellent shading and insulation in rooms that would otherwise have to go without.

    Use in conservatories & overexposed rooms

    Panel blinds can be fit to entirely cover a window pane, or to break up a large glass structure, providing some much needed relief from prying eyes and uncomfortable sun glare.

    Preventing unwanted screen glare

    You can strategically place a single panel blind or multiple panel blinds in the sun’s line of path to prevent screen glare on your television or computer screens.

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    Home Pleated Blinds - Paul James Blinds
    Home Pleated Blinds - Paul James Blinds
    Home Pleated Blinds - Paul James Blinds
    Pleated Blinds For Home - Paul James Blinds

    Serving Colchester, Sudbury and Bury St Edmunds

    We offer a personalised service, focusing on each individual client’s needs and requirements to find the perfect blind for any home decor.

    Our high standard of work, professional and experienced team of blinds fitters and friendly in-house staff guarantee a seamless process from first enquiry through to final installation.

    Panel Blinds - Paul James Blinds
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