Conservatory Blinds

Paul James Blinds have over 8 years’ experience in the fitting and installation of all types of blinds across the Colchester and Sudbury areas.

Our links with the major brands of blindmakers and dedicated, specialist team guarantee a fantastic service from first enquiry through to final installation.

Controlling the conditions in your conservatory can be tricky, with too much lighting in the summer causing glare and the winter months causing the conservatory to become too cold.

Our conservatory blinds can rectify this, providing effective shading in the summer and acting as an insulating layer in the winter, making your conservatory usable all year round.

Our blinds are tailor-made to suit your conservatory size and are available in many stunning styles and designs. For more information on our range, contact one of our friendly advisors today, we’ll be happy to help in any way we can.

Conservatory Blinds are ideal for…

  • Any shape & size of conservatory Our conservatory blinds are made bespoke to your measurements, so no matter the shape or size of your conservatory, we’ll be able to create the perfect blind for you.
  • Making your conservatory warmer during cold spells Our conservatory blinds are insulating, so during the cold winter months, your conservatory will still be warm and comfortable.

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