Duette Blinds

The unique design of duette blinds makes them a number one choice for effective insulation, excellent privacy and easy light control. Here at Paul James Blinds, we stock and install a variety of duette blinds, allowing you to perfectly complement them with your interior decor.

Duette blinds are recognisable by their distinctive cellular, or ‘honeycomb’ appearance. The tubes of air formed by this structure offer insulative properties, helping to keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter.

In addition, their thickness means that they grant your home total privacy when lowered.

This feature also means that light levels can be completely controlled, helping you regulate temperature and brightness in your home.

Why choose Paul James Blinds?

Our experts are proud to offer a bespoke, made-to-measure service on all products. We are happy to help with every step of the process, from measuring to fitting, and offer friendly advice along the way. We serve areas across Tendring, Essex & Suffolk – give us a call to arrange a free home visit.

Duette blinds are ideal for…

  • Insulation of the home: Ensuring that your home is insulated properly can result in savings on your energy bills, which in turn, helps the planet.
  • Light and privacy: Block out unwanted sunlight or prying eyes with Duette blinds. The effectiveness of this feature will depend on the type of material you select.
  • Space saving: When raised, Duette blinds retreat and ‘stack’ completely, making them easy to stow away and hide

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