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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our blinds are child safe for your peace of mind. To learn more, or to enquire about our child safe blinds, get in touch with us today.

We’d like to encourage our customers to see the quality of our materials for themselves with a home visit, where we can bring a variety of samples.

This will give the most true representation of colours and patterns, ensuring you’re never mis-sold a product we provide. However, if it’s more convenient, you may wish to visit our store.

We cover a wide range of areas, all of which are relatively close to our main store. These areas include:

If you take advantage of our free home visiting service, then we will take the necessary steps to assess your individual needs, discuss options and offer appropriate window dressing solutions.

Home visits are also a fantastic opportunity for our customers to ask any questions they may have – we’ll be able to offer help and advice right there and then for your convenience.

On average, it will take us around 45 minutes to complete a home visit, although it could go on for a little while longer depending on how many questions you have.

We always like to ensure we’ve answered all your queries and given you options to consider.

Yes – and it’s completely free.

Our store is located in Sudbury, a town in the heart of Suffolk. We’re always happy to visit our customers in their homes or businesses and provide a first-class service.

We’ll also be able to bring fabric samples with us upon your request – this is often the best way to discover if a fabric or material suits your home.

Our address is:

Paul James Blinds
28 Gainsborough St
CO10 2EU

Those who choose to add an element of nature to their home with a set of wooden Venetian blinds must adopt a regular cleaning routine in order to keep them looking their best.

Dust them down by either vacuuming with a soft brush extension, or by taking a duster to it. Once this is done, take a damp microfiber cloth (so as not to scratch the slats) and wipe from left to right.

You do not need to take Venetian blinds down to clean them. If you’d like a more detailed cleaning guide, you can read our article.

For more advice or tips, get in touch with us today.

Blinds can be fitted either inside or outside the window recess. Generally, a recess depth which measures at 7.5cm or less will be considered too shallow for blinds to be fitted inside the recess.

Therefore, they will have to be fitted outside the recess. There are certain styles which are better suited for either option, ensuring your options are never limited.

Venetianvertical and roller blinds are more appropriate for installation inside the recess, whereas Roman blinds are better placed outside it.

If you’re unsure, or would like some advice in general, get in touch with a member of our knowledgeable team – we will be able to help.

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