Custom West Shutters

Custom West is a leading supplier of plantation shutters, trading in the UK. With adjustable louvres and solid materials that have only been sourced from an accredited shutter specialist, you can rest assured that the Custom West shutters we provide are fully functional, easy-to-operate and of incredibly high-quality.

Custom West shutters are tailor-made to the customer’s exact specifications and requirements, so you can rest assured that your window shutters have been expertly made and fitted with skill and precision.

Custom West shutters are a classic alternative to blinds, so you can expect an optimum level of light, privacy and temperature control.

The slats make operation quick and simple and you’ll have the ability to completely shut out any sunlight when needed, subsequently controlling the room’s temperature.

This is especially useful during the summer months as shutters will provide some relief to the heat as well as the bright sunshine.

Only The Best in Domestic and Commercial Shutters

A sophisticated alternative to window blinds, shutters will add continental style to any room throughout your home. Paul James Blinds is proud to supply the community with Custom West shutters that are made to exceptional standards every single time.

For more information about the Custom West shutters we provide, get in touch with a member of our team today — we’re proud to supply Tendring, Essex, and Suffolk with stunning window dressing solutions.

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