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A Guide to Blinds Safety

Window blinds are an important part of many homes, providing privacy and blocking sunlight. However, they can also present a risk to children and pets if not installed properly. In the UK, there have been fatalities related to window coverings due to cords used in blinds becoming tangled around the neck of a child or pet.

To address this issue, The British Blind & Shutter Association (BBSA) launched their Make it Safe campaign to promote awareness about window safety regulations. Fortunately, Suffolk and Essex residents now have access to Paul James Blinds as an excellent option for a safe and stylish alternative.

The Dangers of Window Blinds

In the UK alone, there have been over 30 fatal incidents involving children’s window blind cords in the last 15 years, according to The Child Accident Prevention Trust. The Make it Safe Campaign was created by BBSA to help raise awareness regarding potential dangers posed by cords used in blinds such as strangulation or entrapment hazards. It is essential that all cords should be kept out of reach from children and pets through the use of warning labels or safety devices such as cord tidies or cleats depending on the type of cord system being used for each individual blind.

The Make it Safe Campaign

The General Product Safety Regulations state that all internal window blinds must meet certain safety standards including warnings on all packaging regarding its intended use and any potential risks associated with it.

Manufacturers must also ensure that any cords used in a child’s bedroom must be connected with a safety device such as a cleat so that they are kept away from reach at all times; otherwise, they must be cut off entirely if no other solution is available. Furthermore, additional products such as cord tidies can be installed alongside existing systems; these products help prevent accidents even further by ensuring that any free-hanging cords remain out of reach from both children and pets while still allowing full functionality of your chosen product(s).

Paul James Blinds as a Child-Friendly Option

At Paul James Blinds we offer an extensive range of colours, patterns, and styles at varying prices so you can find something perfect for your home without compromising on quality or price point! We understand how important it is for parents to find safe alternatives for their windows – whether you’re looking for blackout roller blinds or Venetian blinds – you can trust us here at Paul James Blinds to provide you with child-friendly options without compromising on style!

With our fully qualified team offering professional installation services across Suffolk & Essex you can trust that your windows will remain safe while still looking great! For more information please feel free to contact us today!

Window coverings are an integral part of many homes but they can pose risks if not installed properly according to regulations set out by General Product Safety Regulations. The Make it Safe campaign created by BBSA aims to raise awareness about potential risks posed by cords used in blind systems which is why here at Paul James Blind we offer an extensive selection at varying prices without compromising on quality so parents can choose child-friendly options without compromising on style!

We are fully qualified team offering professional installation services across Suffolk & Essex so contact us today for more information about keeping your family safe with our range of products!

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