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Benefits of Automated Electric Blinds During Winter

There are many benefits to automated blinds, whether you’re looking to retain heat, keep prying eyes out of your home or raise and lower your blinds without having to lift a finger, electric blinds are an ideal window dressing solution. They’re especially convenient in the winter; with a drop in temperature and a considerable rise in heating bills, you can stay warm and save money with the installation of automated blinds. With many colours, patterns and styles available, you’ll be spoilt for choice at Paul James Blinds.

Keep the chill out and let the heat in

Automated blinds can be preset to operate throughout the day, even when you aren’t home, therefore maximising natural warming properties as a result of any sunshine which will then be retained by the lowering of the blinds in the evening. It can also help to retain the heat which has been generated by your central heating, particularly as the temperature begins to fall. This feature is not only useful for keeping the house warm, but it can also help if privacy is of major concern to you.

Maintain privacy and security

When our homes are lit up during the course of the night, it can be easier to see in from the outside, leaving you vulnerable to nosy passersby. However, you needn’t worry about that with the installation of automated blinds. As well as having a choice between many beautiful colours, styles and patterns, you’ll be able to raise and lower your blinds without having to get up off the sofa or out of your bed.

Save money and energy

Around 50% of the heat produced within the home is lost through our windows, particularly if they’re poorly insulated. To prevent this, have a set of automated blinds installed to help retain heat and keep the cold out when you need it most. This will ultimately mean that you’ll use less energy in an attempt to keep the house warm, subsequently saving you money.

Ability to cover hard to reach windows

Conservatories and skylights are brilliant for letting copious amount of daylight and sunshine into our homes, particularly in the summer. However, a conservatory can get extremely cold during the winter, especially if it has a tiled floor. The best way to battle this is to add blinds to your conservatory windows, including the roof. It can be difficult to manually operate roof or skylight blinds, so to make things easier and more convenient for you, opt for automated blinds instead.

You’ll be able to raise and lower your blinds, keeping the heat in and the cold out, all without having to get up from your seat. With a range of colours, styles and patterns to choose from, we’ll be able to provide you with a beautiful set of automated blinds to perfectly suit your needs and your home.

As well as conservatories and skylights, automated blinds can be fitted to other hard to reach windows throughout your home, so you’ll be able to achieve privacy, temperature and full light control at the push of a button.

Here at Paul James Blinds, we have a variety of window dressing solutions available. As well as modern, high-quality automated blinds, we’re also able to offer roller blinds, Roman blinds and Venetian blinds, all of which can also help to retain warmth throughout your home. For more information about our range of stylish blinds or shutters, get in touch with a member of our friendly, professional team today – we’re always happy to help. 

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