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What Blinds Are Best to Use in a Bathroom?

Bathrooms are a unique area of the home where both hygiene and relaxation must come under consideration when making interior design choices. The truth is, blinds for bathrooms should possess some specific qualities for cleanliness and privacy reasons, whilst also contributing towards an atmosphere of tranquility. In this article, we’ll outline what blinds are best to use in a bathroom, and how to balance practicality with style when making your choice.

What Blinds Are Best to Use in a Bathroom?

4 best types of blinds for your bathroom


Why are these the best types of blinds for your bathroom?

  • Roller blinds: Heavy, thick fabrics are unsuited for a bathroom, as they are difficult to clean and vulnerable to mould. Roller blinds are created from more lightweight materials that are easier to clean and maintain. Also, most roller blinds are actually moisture-resistant, making them ideal for a bathroom setting. They also offer full coverage, and therefore fantastic privacy to what is arguably the most private room of any home, and with such a wide selection of colours and patterns on offer, you have the freedom of choosing a blind that will perfectly enhance your bathroom’s ambiance.
  • Venetian blinds: Privacy is of paramount importance in a bathroom, but that doesn’t mean you should skimp on style or lose out on natural light to achieve this. The slatted design of Venetian blinds allows you accomplish a subtle balance between light filtration and privacy through careful adjustment of the slats. Not only that, but Venetian blinds boast a timeless elegance that makes them a beautiful addition to any room of the house.
  • Aluminium, uPVC blinds and shutters: Wood is not a suitable material for the moisture-rich environment of a bathroom, which can cause wood to warp and become misshapen. uPVC is cheaper alternative that boasts a waterproof quality that makes them ideal for a bathroom space. Aluminium is also another strong candidate, and has the additional benefit of being resistant to rusting. Both uPVC and aluminium are very simple to clean and maintain, and still manage to preserve their shape and attractiveness in this humid environment.
  • Faux-wooden blinds and shutters: If your heart is still set on the rustic appearance of wooden blinds or shutters, there’s a waterproof solution available that comes in the form of fauxwood. Made from PVC, and decorated to mimic the appearance of wood, this material is simple to clean and resistant to moisture damage, whilst still giving your bathroom the natural, organic look you’re searching for.


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