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How to Choose the Right Colour for Your Blinds

A fresh set of blinds, we all know, has the potential to revolutionise the aesthetics of your room, but not if you fail to choose the right colour blinds for your room. Finding a colour that works to complement the aesthetics of your room is difficult, but not if you follow these handy tips!

What Emotion Do You Want to Evoke?

It has long been known that different colours stimulate our minds in different ways, each evoking a certain response and emotion from us that is wholly unique. Therefore, the vibe you wish to generate in a room is entirely dependent on the colour you choose. Here are just some of the emotions colours can evoke, most of which have a positive and a negative side:

  • Red can either evoke feelings of anger or of energy and excitement. There is perhaps a fine line between the positive and negative aspects of red colours, so you should balance it carefully against other colours. Red draws our attention because it appears closer than it actually is, so is great for focusing perception in your room especially if you contrast it against calmer colours.
  • The intellectual colour blue encourages either communication and trust or sadness, depending on its shade. It is perfect for rooms in which you have to give the air of trust, but don’t overdo it – some find blue a symbol of unfriendliness!
  • Yellow is an emotional colour and can either evoke feelings of optimism or anxiety, again depending on its shade. The right type of yellow can encourage confidence, emotional strength and creativity in us, but the wrong one can see irrationality and fear run rife. A balance between yellows and other colours in your room can remedy this paradox.
  • Green represents nature and balance to a lot of people, but could quite as easily represent blandness. This is because it doesn’t have any dramatic effect on us visually when we see it. Seeing it requires no adjustment of the eye whatsoever, therefore encouraging harmonious emotions, but if you’re looking for excitement it could increase feelings of boredom.
  • Black, on the other hand, shows sophistication and emotional security when deployed correctly. If it doesn’t contrast well with other colours in a room, it can be stifling.
  • White and creamy colours are the symbols of hygiene and simplicity, making them an excellent choice for many rooms. Although pure white can evoke feelings of unfriendliness due to their sterility, if a cream colour is used these feelings of elitism are quickly curbed.

To find out more about the feelings other colours can evoke, be sure to talk to your blind designer. They have the experience necessary to figure out what colour is most appropriate for your purposes and hold a wealth of knowledge that goes beyond the handful of colours detailed here.

How to Choose the Right Colour for Your Blinds

Every Room Requires Something Different

The best colour for each room in your home depends on its function. For instance, darker colours wouldn’t work in a bathroom, but white, beige or silver work excellently as they promote images of hygiene. Colours that are suitable for other rooms include:

  • Earthy tones in bedrooms, like light sages and other muted colours that encourage peaceful rest
  • Bright colours to encourage creativity in home offices
  • A contrast between earth tones such as terracotta, bright yellows and golds can create a happy, active space in your kitchen
  • Greens work well in dining rooms, promoting peace and tranquility, but reds can encourage overeating

However, these recommendations act only as guidelines. If you’d like to get the most out of your room’s colour scheme, you’ll need to talk to a professional directly. Only through discourse with an expert can you find the perfect colour blinds for your room and your requirements.

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