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Choosing Between Real Wood and Faux Wood Blinds


Wooden blinds have always been a firm favourite blind choice due to their elegance and the feeling of luxury they can bring to a room. However, when choosing between real and faux wooden blinds, you need to consider how and where your blinds will be used.

When choosing between real and faux wood blinds, there’s no definitive right answer, even though many will claim real wood is the superior choice. Your surroundings and circumstances influence the choice. Real wooden blinds aren’t suitable for all environments, making the faux counterpart a better choice than the real thing for some windows. Here are some of the considerations to bear in mind when choosing between real and faux wood,


Real wooden blinds are a lot more expensive than faux wood, and if you have a lot of windows the price can soon add up. If you’d like to control your budget a bit more or just aren’t sure about making such a large financial investment just yet, faux wood blinds make for a great alternative.


Real wooden blinds are aesthetically more pleasing than faux wood. The colour options for real wooden blinds are much more varied as the beautiful and unique wooden grain can be left natural, polished or even painted to suit any room. Real wooden blinds also require fewer ladders than faux wood so have a sleeker design.


When it comes to humidity, faux wood is the superior choice. Real wood isn’t suitable for bathrooms as the constant moisture can cause warping and cracking, ruining the blinds completely. Faux wood is mostly a vinyl compound and, therefore, not prone to weather wearing.


Faux wood is more durable than real wood so for blinds that will receive high use, faux wood is the better option. This is also a consideration if you have children or animals that live at home and can damage the blinds.


The compound that makes up faux wooden blinds is much heavier than real wooden slats so faux wood can be too heavy for large windows. The weight will make the blinds very hard to raise and lower and can put too much strain on the mechanism.


Faux wooden blinds are much easier to clean than real wood because you can use any cleaning product without fearing that you’ll damage the wooden grain. This is an important factor to consider when selecting kitchen blinds as you’ll find a grease build up can occur which would be very difficult to clean off real wooden blinds.

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