Controlling Blinds Using Your Smartphone

There is no doubt that home technology is on the rise. We can already control our heating, audio equipment and security, all via our smartphones, ipads and iphones, so the question is; what is next?

Well, it looks as though automated blind control with smartphones is to be the next new gadget available to homeowners. Perfect for those who don’t have enough time in the mornings to go around the house opening blinds, or for those who get far too comfy and warm on their sofa and don’t want to get up to close them once it’s turned dark – and it doesn’t stop here! When you’re away, either on holiday or if you’ve got plans to go and stay with friends and family over the Christmas period, you can set your blinds to open and close even when you aren’t there, so it will still look like the house is occupied, giving you increased security and peace of mind.

So, with this rather clever new invention, let’s take a closer look at some of the different options and how they work.

Tilt My Blinds

This compact module is fitted inside the blind rail, with a nifty installation time of just fifteen minutes!  Once installed, you simply download the Tilt My Blinds app so you can get started with controlling your blinds remotely, using just your mobile phone. With the option to set a timer, your blinds can open and close at the same time everyday, so you can tick one job off your list! It is also fitted with a sensor detector that recognises the difference between natural and artificial light and can automatically respond to this as necessary.

Unfortunately, this only works on slat blind styles, and at the moment, only runs off bluetooth, meaning you have to be in the home in order to use this gadget. However the technology is still developing, so watch this space!


Loxone is there to help you achieve an overall ‘smart home’, including optimised blind control as one of its impressive features. Once installed into a distribution box and the app has been downloaded, blind slats can automatically adjust themselves depending on the position of the sun. The Loxone app can be controlled from anywhere at all, both inside and outside the home. So, if you like the sound of this, just download yourself the Loxone Automatic Blinds app and get your miniserver installed,  and you can start operating either your roller shutters or blinds with the tap of a button!


For wireless window blind control solutions for your home, Qmotion could be a great contender. With no electrician required, as soon as you have your motorised roller system installed and your app downloaded, you can have sole responsibility to operate your blinds as and how you like, using your smartphone or tablet. Qmotion has a dual control feature, whereby you can also manually operate your blinds as well, so you don’t have to completely hand the reins over to new technology. It also allows for up to 6 ‘events’ a day (any motion will count as an event e.g. opening your blind), and the timer remote function allows it to work when you’re away from home, which is perfect for the early, dark, winter nights when you’re still at work.

If you’re looking for new blinds for your home, made from the finest materials and fitted by experienced professionals, then please feel free to contact the team here at Paul James Blinds today. We can arrange free surveys and home visits at your convenience.

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