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Festive Window Decoration Ideas

Christmas is a great time to give your decor a temporary, jovial redesign, and introducing bursts of colours and lights into your rooms can really make the house feel festive. This year, why not make use of your windows to really get into the Christmas spirit? If you’re stuck for inspiration, check out our top tips below to give your windows a whole new, festive treatment.

Window Stickers

Window transfers are a great mess-free way to introduce some festivity into your windows. There are thousands of designs to utilize, and they are often very cheap to buy. You can even buy a selection of different stickers to create your own festive scene or, if you’re feeling more creative, make your own paper snowflakes to stick in the window.

Fake Snow


We all wish for a white Christmas but whilst there is no guarantee that will happen, with a simple can of spray on snow, you can frost up your windows to create the illusion! If you’d like something a bit more textured, you can use cotton wool to build up your own winter wonderland.



Fairy lights are a classic Christmas decoration, but instead of wrapping all of them around your tree, save a string and wrap them around your window instead. Battery operated lights are easy to hang wherever you want them without worrying about plugging them in. You can even buy special window lights which hang down the pane.



For a very traditional Christmas décor, hang a wreath in your window – why not even attempt to make your own? These can be a bit bulky so might be best suited as an external decoration. If you have shutters on your windows, these can be tied around the slats with ease and can really make your home look picturesque.

Candy Canes


You can hang a ribbon across your window and hang some candy canes along it – make sure you replace the ones you’ve eaten, though!

Pine Cones


If you’re concerned you’ll eat all of your candy cane decorations (and who would blame you?), you can hang pine cones instead. You can even dip them in paints and glitter to make them even more festive looking.



If you haven’t got a fireplace, why not make sure your stockings are visible to Santa by putting them up for display in your window?

Advent Calendar

For a treat for your kids (or for yourself, it is Christmas after all), you can hang strong strings or ribbons across your windows and peg numbered bags corresponding to the days of the month across them. Fill these bags with sweets and treats and open a bag each day!

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