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How to Clean and Maintain Your Blinds and Curtains

Paul James Blinds have helped clients in the south east find idyllic window treatments since 1982. Who better to learn about cleaning and maintaining blinds and curtains from?

When you are shopping for a new set of curtains or blinds, it is easier if you consider how easy they will be to clean in a few weeks’ time. Remember that not all types of blinds can be whisked down and scrubbed. Here is what you need to know about how to clean and maintain your blinds and curtains – the Paul James Blinds way.

Blinds and Curtains Maintenance

You may think there is little ongoing maintenance once your curtains or blinds are installed, unfortunately this is not the case. Your curtains gather bacteria over the days they hang, as do your blinds. Many curtain fabrics are easy to wash and harder to hang. On the other hand, washing and maintaining blinds take a little more technical understanding.

Maintaining Blinds

Different types of blinds have different maintenance needs. Let’s run through the maintenance for each blinds type:

  • Panel blinds require dabbing with a sponge to clean the parts which are not fabric.
  • Roman blinds can become tricky to operate if your cords become tangled. You can buy new cords separately if you have to.
  • Remove your roller blinds from the clip which holds them in place inside your window frame and give the whole mechanism a soft sponge clean.
  • Your perfect fit blinds can snap free of the frame. Check the frames regularly for signs of damage.
  • Motorised blinds might require a fresh battery in the remote. Try this before you call in the repair technicians.
  • Check the manufacturer’s information before you remove any blinds or curtains for washing. Paul James Blinds deal with Illumni, Custom West, Arena, Eclipse, Louvolite, Velux, and more. Each brand of blinds has a distinctive set of instructions on the care and maintenance of your new blinds.

Maintaining Curtains

Maintaining your curtains usually involves taking them down every few weeks and washing them. We recommend that you use a different set of blinds for each season. This gives you the best chance of remembering to wash them between changes. You can read our guide to learn how to Spring clean your windows the correct way. Otherwise, see below for information on how to clean your curtains.

Curtain and Blinds Cleaning

How to clean your blinds?

You can vacuum your blinds to remove dust and debris. For stains on fabric blinds, you can use an ordinary stain remover. Don’t use anything bleach based while cleaning your blinds. If you need to, remove the blinds from their holdings and wash them separately. If you cannot do this, you can sponge clean the worst areas with hot soapy water or call in the professionals to give your blinds a deep clean.

How to clean your curtains?

Finally, your curtains are far easier to clean than blinds are. You ought to take them completely down from the hanging rail. Next, remove any clips or hooks which keep them in place. Set these aside and reattach them when the curtains are washed. You have two options, you can place them in your own washing machine if it is big enough. You might take them to a dry cleaners through your local laundry service if the instructions tell you not to wash them. Some fabrics require more TLC than others.

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