Top Window Treatment Trends of 2023: What’s Hot in Blinds and Curtains?

Just as the fashions of the time change, so do the styles of the blinds and curtains. Here are the incoming colour and style trends for window treatments in 2023.

Your ideal window treatments should be bespoke, measured expertly, and fitted by professionals, no matter what the trends of the year might be. Choosing Paul James Blinds allows you access to the best choices in style and sophistication, but before you make your final decision on your preferred curtain or blind, familiarise with the up-and-coming window treatment trends of 2023.

The Top Window Treatments for 2023

Choosing between blinds and curtains is simpler when you evaluate the space. After you consider your safety, style, and privacy needs for home or office blinds/curtains, you can allow those trends to drive your design choices. Here is what the UK window dressing trends shape up to in 2023.

1 – Natural Light is Always Popular in Spring/Summer

The change in seasons to longer daylight hours always brings a rush of new customers seeking out vision blinds, indulging in Perfect Fit blinds, and using panel blinds to optimise that light. A sheer curtain or brand new lace set can truly optimise your space. Lace and Perfect Fit blinds are particularly popular this season. The whites represent the new spring sun and the Perfect Fits are still a new enough blinds type that they are bringing in clients for the wow factor.

2 – The Blackout is Real

The growth in interest in full blackout blinds, Duette blinds, and wooden blinds, began in 2020. Back then, everyone had to make the switch to working from home. This meant everyone rushed to find something which effectively blocked out the light in their home offices. Three years later those same people have realised the benefits of blackout blinds. As a result, they are introducing them in other areas of the house. Blackouts are a favourite in the living space and in the bedroom, in office buildings and in games rooms. This success will continue throughout 2023. We expect the Duette design to prove more popular during the autumn and winter months, when a growing number of households will be looking to add thermal insulation to their new window treatments.

3 – Shutters Adding Elegance

The top blinds trends for 2023 include bespoke shutters. Choose a natural wooden or plantation shutter to add both security and elegance to your property. The Mediterranean style of adding extra protection from the sun works equally well in Britain… with the rain. Shutters add a sophisticated, European feel. These are the perfect way to make your windows stand out from the neighbours.

4 – Sheer Indulgence

Just about every curtain and blinds blog on the internet is tipping sheer curtains as the new normal of 2023. The trick is in layering different fabrics to create a sumptuous, comfortable feel. This elevates any living room or bedroom design.

5 – Trending Curtain and Blind Colours in 2023

White curtains and blinds never go out of fashion. These are particularly good as a roller blind or Roman blind in the bathroom or kitchen. Both dark and minty shades of green will be on-trend later in the year, echoing that European flavour. Lavender, lilac, and fiery orange are all incoming colours.

Add Your Own Twist

When you choose Paul James Blinds to style your new window treatments, you can do all of the above and still stamp on your own sense of style. Essex’s favourite blinds supplier since 1982.

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