Using Blinds to Regulate the Temperature in your Conservatory

Whether you use your conservatory room as a dining room or a relaxing space where you can unwind and enjoy the surrounding views of your garden, there’s no denying that a conservatory provides a fantastic way to expand your current living space.

However, it isn’t until the extreme weather comes during our hot summers and freezing winters that they begin to pose a bit of a problem. Due to the nature of a conservatory and their glass panel structure, they struggle to regulate extreme temperatures. But rather than look into drastic changes you can implement, there is one simple and easy solution. Blinds!

As a less expensive yet practical option, installing conservatory blinds will help to make the temperature far more comfortable, so you can reap the benefits all year round.


If you’re looking for total control over the lighting of your conservatory, then Venetian blinds would be your best option. With their slanted style, they can be altered depending on the strength of the sun, or how much light you require. If it’s more important for you to have a blind that can withstand intense heat from the sun’s rays, then make sure you opt for an aluminium Venetian blind rather than uPVC or wooden.


Vertical blinds also offer a great solution to controlling lighting and privacy levels to best suit your needs. They can be fully opened or fully closed at the pull of a cord, without blocking any of the sunlight towards the top of the window, making them ideal for regulating the temperature of any conservatory. They can also be slid all the way over to one side, allowing for easy access through doors.


To keep your conservatory room warmer, Roman blinds can provide the ideal insulation, creating the ultimate barrier against cold air from entering the room. Roman blinds are similar to curtains, in the respect that they are made from a thicker, heavier material. They can be rolled up to a folded, drapery appearance, or fully pulled down to completely block out light or draughts to keep you warm and cosy.


Roller blinds are a simple, functional blind style that can protect and shield against the sun. As they are made from a large panel of material, they are perfect for creating a style statement with colours and patterns to suit any décor. The material of the blinds may alter and fade from constant exposure to the damaging UV rays, however, so you may find that they need replacing more regularly than other styles.

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