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Using Shutters to Reduce Winter Heating Costs

With fuel prices constantly going up and weather being increasingly unpredictable, finding ways to reduce or minimize home heating and cooling costs is a subject on the minds of many home owners, and window shutters are an excellent and cost-effective way to do just that. Available in a range of materials, styles and colours, window shutters can be made to fit any style or decor and are the ultimate in light control and privacy, as well as being an effective energy efficient upgrade.

How Do Shutters Save Energy?

Window shutters save on heating and cooling costs in two ways. Firstly, both the shutters themselves, and the space formed between them and the window pane, add additional insulating layers, keeping heat in during the winter and out in the summer. When shutters are fully closed they form an effective insulating layer, creating a vacuum between themselves and the window glass that impedes heat transfer, and forms an excellent barrier against draughts and air currents.

Secondly, shutters allow people inside the home to control exactly how much light gets in which can have an effect on indoor temperatures as well, particularly in terms of avoiding overheating in the summer. Imagine how warm it gets in a glass greenhouse in the summer, with sunshine pouring in from all directions. The same greenhouse effect can heat a home, which may be desirable on a sunny winter day, but makes air conditioning costs more expensive during the summer. Shutters allow for control of light levels, thereby controlling the greenhouse effect in the home.

Is Installing Shutters Cost-Effective?

Properly installed window shutters are far superior to other common energy efficiency upgrades around the home, such as applying plastic film over windows or replacing doors and windows. They are also easier to install than many of these other options, and therefore cause less disruption to the daily home routine. The result is a sound investment that will not only increase the beauty and privacy of the home, but will make a noticeable difference in home heating and cooling costs that will lead to a rapid return on investment in terms of energy savings, not to mention improved quality of living.

What Other Advantages Do Shutters Offer?

Aside from being an excellent energy saving feature in any home, shutters are attractive, adaptable to any decor, easy to clean and can be customised to a wide range of window shapes and sizes as well as indoor conditions. They allow occupants to adjust the level of natural light coming into the home, either by opening and closing the entire shutter or by adjusting the louvers for more subtle control. Closed shutters can block up to 90% of light from getting in, and special blackout shutters can block nearly 100% of light.

The same mechanisms that allow light control also allow occupants to adjust the privacy of their windows, using partially opened shutters to admit natural light while maintaining privacy, in a way that is adjustable depending on the circumstances.

Paul James Blinds

Paul James Blinds offers an affordable selection of window shutters in a range of styles and materials, with a wide range of colours on offer to coordinate with any look or decor. Free home visits, measuring and installation services ensure that whatever choice is made, the shutters are guaranteed to fit well and look great, adding privacy, comfort and style to any home. Get in touch to find out more about our range of window shutters today.

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