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What blinds are best for my child’s room?

A child’s room should be fun and stimulating so that it is somewhere they enjoy to spend time and play. When decorating the room accordingly, you will want to give due consideration to which blinds are best for children’s rooms. There are plenty of options when it comes to styles and patterns that would look lovely as children’s blinds. However, there are several points for consideration when deciding upon a blind’s suitability, which we will be looking at in this article.

Blind Safety

When designing a child’s room, their safety should be the main concern. Some blind operating mechanisms – those that are opened via a cord or chain – can be a safety hazard for young children. Looped cords pose a strangulation risk to young children and should therefore be avoided in a child’s room.

Luckily, there are many alternatives to the common loop cord mechanism. Wand operated, hand operated or electric blinds are all perfectly safe options for a child’s room. However, if you have decided upon a cord/chain loop blind, you can improve its safety with features like loop breakers, cord tensioners or cleats. In fact, due to new safety legislation, loop cord blinds can’t be legally installed by a professional now without one of these safety features present.

Aiding restful sleep with light control

Every parent knows the importance of your child getting a good night’s sleep, and blinds can help achieve this. Blackout blinds will ensure your child’s room is dark and tranquil at bed time, even in those light summer months! Being in a darkened environment can help encourage sleep and signal to your child it’s time for bed. The blackout function will help in the early hours too, ensuring that light mornings don’t wake your child and prevent them from getting an uninterrupted full night’s sleep.

Durable blinds

Sometimes kids can be unruly and incautious and so you will need blinds which are durable enough to meet this challenge. For example, as attractive as Venetian blinds are, a slat can be easily broken or damaged and so this style is probably best avoided for your child’s room. Roller blinds are a sturdy option and come in a range of patterns and materials, with useful fabric choices being wipeable or washable.

Exciting colours and patterns

When it comes to choosing the pattern and colours of the blind, the range offered by a good blind retailer – such as Paul James Blinds – means you will be spoilt for choice. Seeing as the blind will be for your child’s room, why not let them help pick it? You can make it into a grown up and fun opportunity for them to help design their room. A lot of kids will jump at the chance to help make the room their own and get some input over such decisions.


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