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How to Choose the Best Blinds for Large Windows

Large windows can make for a light, airy and attractive home. However, when it comes to finding the right coverings or dressing for them, you may find it difficult. Under most circumstances, larger windows will likely require made-to-measure blinds and special consideration. What may be appropriate for a standard window may not be practical for large ones. Let’s take a look at some of the things you should consider when choosing the best blinds for your large windows.


Larger windows mean that more material will be needed to cover the area and, inevitably, this results in a weightier window covering. This can make some types of blind impractical as the extra weight will put the mechanisms under too much strain. For example, the heavy swathes of fabric used in Roman blinds make them a poor choice for large windows; wooden blinds for wide windows are also not the best choice as the slats will begin to bow under their weight.

Choose a lightweight option to ensure suitability for your large windows. Vertical blinds are some of the best blinds for large windows and there are many choices of fabric for the slats, including translucent or opaque options. Panel blinds are also ideal for long windows, providing great shading but without excessive, weighty fabric.

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One of the most common instances of large panes of glass is in patio or bi-fold doors which require covering. In these cases, you must choose a blind which won’t obstruct the movement of these doors. Vertical blinds can be a good choice here as they can be retracted horizontally, allowing the slats to be completely folded back and kept out of the doorway when needed.

Alternatively, perfect-fit blinds are a good choice if ease of movement is a key concern as these can be fitted directly to the window frames. This means that the door can move unobstructed by the blinds, even when they are closed.  


For big windows, you may want to consider motorisation instead of a traditional opening mechanism. This can be particularly useful if you have tall and hard-to-reach windows where normal mechanisms would have to be adapted significantly under the circumstances anyway. Motorised blinds will require less effort and be easier to operate in comparison to a standard pulley or wand mechanism.

Motorisation can provide valuable security benefits too. The blinds can be programmed to close at particular times to keep out excessive sunlight or prying eyes. What’s more, the system can be operated by an app, allowing you to close your blinds even when you’re away from home. Both these features can help give the impression that there is someone in your home and deter intruders.

Thermal control

Big windows can contribute to big temperature fluctuations in a room – such as in conservatories. The uncovered glass can cause the room to heat up excessively in the sun and lose internal heat in the winter months. To mitigate these effects, you should consider blinds with insulating properties. Honeycomb-shaped blinds – such as Duette blinds – can be a great solution as their structure provides insulating air pockets which enhance thermal control.

Light control

To make the most of your large feature windows, you will want to make sure, even with blinds, that you can still harness the amount of natural light and expansive views that they allow. Blinds with rotating slats are a great option here as they allow you maximum control over the amount of light admitted into your home. What’s more, they can enhance privacy by blocking the line of sight into your home, without blocking out the admittance of daylight. Vertical blinds or lightweight Venetian blinds can both achieve this.


Paul James Blinds provide customers with an impressive range of high-quality blinds suitable for large windows. Our years of experience and skilled team mean that we are well-equipped to create bespoke blinds for any room or home – even for windows that are large or unusually shaped. Get in touch with our helpful team to discuss your requirements and see how we can help. We offer our high-standard services throughout Colchester, Sudbury, Braintree and Bury St Edmunds.  



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