A Guide to Pairing Your Windows and Blinds

In choosing a new set of blinds, you have a lot of different things to consider; without careful planning and acute foresight, you could end up pairing a set of blinds with a window they are simply not suited for. Functionally and aesthetically, this could compromise the quality of your blinds. Therefore, to help you avoid this predicament, this month we’ll be outlining the key things you should be thinking about when pairing your windows and blinds.

Striking a Balance: Privacy Versus Aesthetics

Sometimes, striking the right balance between achieving adequate privacy and aesthetic fulfilment is a tricky one. Finding the right blinds for your privacy concerns depends entirely on the room you’re worried about; if it’s the living room, for instance, you can afford to compromise slightly on privacy to get the perfect look, but if it’s your bedroom then you may opt for a less appealing blind that offers full privacy, such as a blackout blind. Discuss this issue further with your blind specialist to determine the best choice for your requirements.

How Important Is Energy Efficiency to You?

If you have small windows, you may not need to worry so much about heat lost through your windows, but for those looking to cut their carbon footprint and save on their energy bills, large windows can be a huge impediment. To curb the threat of heat loss large windows encourage, thicker fabric blinds are more suitable, such as Roman or fitted Velux blinds.

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Do Your Blinds Need to Be Water Resistant?

The matter of whether or not your blinds need to be water resistant is perhaps one of the most important areas to consider on this list. In bathrooms and with windows above a kitchen sink, water (from splashes as well as vapour) and how certain types of blinds can deal with it becomes a critical issue.

With wooden blinds, for instance, you run the risk of warping occurring, and with some metallic ones you have the risk of rust. Likewise, fabric blinds can develop moulds in their folds if they aren’t properly aired out on a regular basis.

To avoid the worst effects of water damage to blinds in bathrooms and windows above the kitchen sink, there are blinds on offer that can help. These blinds need to withstand high humidity levels while maintaining respectable levels of privacy. They can include aluminium and faux wood blinds, both of which have water resistant abilities.

Expand Your Room Through Colour

If you have a small room or windows, you may often feel cramped and uncomfortable, especially if you have a lot of furniture in it. Fortunately, you can in fact make your room and its window areas appear larger than they are by using lighter colours, such as creams and light blues, for your blinds. Alternatively, in a large room blinds of a darker colour could make the room appear smaller in size, giving it a homelier feel.

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