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How to Choose the Perfect Blinds for Your Bedroom

Looking to redesign your bedroom space? Paul James Blinds have all the knowledge and experience you need to create a divine blinds solution.

Whether shopping for new blinds for your bedroom or new blinds for your large bay windows, there is a perfect match to every single room. Here at Paul James Blinds, we offer a fully bespoke, made-to-measure blinds experience. Contact us to talk through every design option, colour, and format available to you. Otherwise keep reading while we reveal the best tips for picking new blinds for your bedroom, from our experts to your home.

How to shop for blinds in the UK

Before you can begin to choose the right type of light for your bedroom space, you ought to take a step back and start from the beginning. The priority should not be colour, function, or designer style – it ought to be safety. So think about anything likely to upset the safety of your new bespoke blinds.

Safety first – even with blinds

Young children might tug on vertical blinds and pull them down. The cords are a safety hazard if you have small humans or pets. Dogs and cats are notorious for destroying your new blinds. Do you have mobility issues yourself which make opening and closing them difficult? We even have an idyllic motorised blinds solution for you.

Once you evaluate your mobility and safety needs, assessed the pets and thought about styles that won’t work in your bedroom, you can finally begin to think about light and colours.

Set a budget.

Once you have your safety considerations made, adjust your budget accordingly. A bespoke blind service will take care of your every need. The Paul James Blinds team can come to your home, talk you through your choices in blinds, measure your space, install your blinds, and leave your home looking even better than when they found it. A cheap blinds service means a cheap result. If you want excellence, employ the best. If you want affordable excellence, shop for the best during sales.

Think about cleaning.

At some point your new bedroom blinds will need a thorough cleaning. Thinking about how you will clean them as you shop for them is a fool-proof way to ensure you don’t buy an unsustainable product. When you install your new blinds, they ought to last you for years. You can use our guides to cleaning and maintaining your new blinds to help you. Otherwise, book a professional to give your blinds a deep clean and leave them in spotless working order.

Privacy blinds

Do you want a wooden blind which offers you the option of a full blackout? Or would a sheer vision blind which allows extra light? A privacy style blind can block out the entire world, giving you a restful sense of calm. If you want to have the comfortable, cosy layers of fabric which make a window beautiful – but you also want to install something which blacks out the light – we suggest adding a shutter. Contact our agents to discuss your options in high quality bespoke shutters.

Blinds for light

Would you prefer to go the opposite route for finding blinds. Choosing maximum light is a great way to celebrate the spring and summer months. Sheer blinds can give you privacy while allowing as much light in during winter as possible. Sometimes choosing blinds for the amount of light they let in is the best way to ensure a good night’s sleep, especially in your bedroom.

Room Shape

The shape of the room will have a bigger impact on the style of the blinds than you might think. Consider the style of blinds you would want if your room was in the attic. If you have a sloping wall, the only real answer is a Perfect Fit shade or blind. Similarly, if you have a narrow window, a pleated blind might look fussy in the smaller space. On the other hand, it looks perfect in bay windows.

Where to Shop for High End Blinds in the UK?

Paul James Blinds offer bespoke blinds from our Essex base. You can depend on our first rated service to help you choose and install the best blinds for your UK bedroom.

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