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What to Look for When Ordering Bespoke Blinds

For those serious to make a lasting impression on guests and customers there are a few questions to ask from the blinds company when it comes to purchasing and ordering bespoke blinds. Knowing exactly whom to go to for the best blinds out there can be difficult if you haven’t previously purchased bespoke products before.

Therefore, in this month’s article, Paul James Blinds will be looking at what questions you need to ask when looking for the perfect place to have blinds made for your home or business.


How long has the blinds company been in business?

Experience is essential when it comes to bespoke blinds. The longer a business has been in the field often directly corresponds with the quality of the products they produce – a craftsman, after all, perfects his art with patience and time as well as skill.

How large is the blinds company?

Bigger is not always better, and with that in mind it’s worth noting that a very large company – the household brand, for instance – may not be able to provide your project with the care and attention it both requires and deserves. Larger companies with the budget to mould their image in promotion disseminated through the media can afford to lose customers after providing poor service and products, and while this may not always be the case it can happen. Hiring a smaller company with extensive experience is a way to avoid this poor service for the simple fact that they cannot afford to lose the business, and are more reliant on positive word of mouth to promote their wares.

Does the blinds company have a wide selection of samples?

Variety is the spice of life, and therefore the ideal blinds company will have a huge selection of samples for you to choose from. Everybody’s tastes and requirements are vastly different from everybody else’s, meaning the only way to please as many people as possible is to have the biggest range of choice possible available to customers. A showroom and samples also serve to let you know what the final product will look like, ensuring that you can make an informed decision about the design you want.

Does the blinds company have any special offers?

Though this might not always be applicable, you should definitely look out for and inquire about any special offers a company may have for bespoke blinds and fitting them. Sometimes a special offer may come in the form of a free no obligation survey, while other times it may be a buy one get one free type deal. No matter the offer, it will doubtless sit well and give you a better footing for finding the perfect blinds!

What are the prices, delivery and fitting times of the blinds company?

Finally, the budget you have will greatly impact the business you chose to design your blinds. However, a restrictive budget does not mean you should compromise on quality, so shop around for the best deals possible on the market. Moreover, the delivery and fitting times the business offers will be important for anyone with a hectic working day; be sure to find out whether or not these times will work for you to avoid disappointment and headaches down the line.

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