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The Best Ways to Clean Your Blinds

Keeping your blinds clean is all important for ensuring that you’re getting the most out of them in terms of aesthetic and physical quality. Letting them get dirty is one of the easiest ways to bring a room down. Therefore, in this month’s article we’ll be teaching you how to look after your blinds and the best ways to clean them. The easiest way to discuss the methods to clean your blinds is to look at the materials that they are made of. So without further ado, we’ll begin with faux wood blinds.

Faux Wood

If your faux wood blinds have seen a build-up of dust or grime, you’ll want to tackle that as soon as possible to reinvigorate them. Luckily, you don’t need to fret too much with faux wood blinds about cleaning them delicately. Simply grab your vacuum and install the head with a soft brush and gently pass it over the blinds to both brush off and suck up any and all dust on the slats. Other solutions include wearing an old sock on your hand and carefully running your fingers along and underneath the slats to collect the dust your vacuum misses.

However, if your blinds are in the kitchen, there will be a layer of grime embedded on the slats that will make vacuuming them difficult. Nonetheless, you can still clean them easily with the use of white vinegar or other similar cleaning agents.

The Best Ways to Clean Your Blinds

Wooden Blinds

Thankfully, most wooden blinds are treated with a special finish that acts as a repellent for dust and stains, but sometimes this may not go far enough. A high quality furniture polish and a microfibre cloth can be used to effectively clean your wooden blinds every so often. Be sure to wipe each slat individually and you’ll soon see your blinds restored to their peak condition. However, should you need to give your wooden blinds a deeper clean using water to dislodge grime, remember not to saturate the wood so as to ensure the water doesn’t warp or stain it.


With the summer set to be the hottest on record, seize the opportunity to wash your blinds outside and leave them to dry on the washing line or laid out on the grass if they are too grimy to clean with a cloth.

Take care when bringing your blinds down and then transfer them outside, and then lay them down on the grass. Get your hose ready and then squirt some soap on the aluminium blinds and rinse it off, being sure not to forget the other side. Don’t be afraid to get stuck in and scrub at any stains that seem unrelenting, and then rinse it all off with fresh water. Then leave them to dry before reattaching them in the house.


Again, you should be getting your vacuum out and its soft brush appliance to clean your fabric blinds. Be sure to use a low setting to avoid damaging the blind during cleaning.

But if you discover stains on the blinds, you’ll need to go one step further than vacuuming. A microfibre cloth or sponge damp with soapy water can go a long way to solving the issue. However, you will need to remember to leave the blinds to dry out completely before raising them to prevent mould from forming.


You should use your best judgement and utilise one of the cleaning techniques listed above to tackle your vertical blinds. It may also be worth investing in a lint roller to collect dust more effectively from your vertical blinds.

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