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The Best Ways to Clean Your Curtains

Curtains are a huge part of the rooms they can be found in, and in particular they are a magnet for dust and other particles that in time can alter their colour. To keep your them looking fresh and lively, it is important to clean the curtains regularly, but doing so can be a challenge for those not in the know. Consequently, in this month’s article we’ll be looking at the best ways you could clean your curtains to restore them to their better days.

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Steam Cleaning

If you don’t feel like taking your heavy or difficult-to-remove curtains down to clean them, fortunately you don’t have to. So long as you own a steam cleaner, you can efficiently clean your curtains while they hang from their railing. Key to steam cleaning your curtains is to start from the top and work your way to the bottom; this is because the runoff from the steam will be mucky and you don’t want it staining the freshly cleaned areas. Pull the steamer down over the curtains and for particularly stubborn marks: steam then scrub with a cloth and then steam again.

If the curtains become too wet, you may need to pull the steamer further away from the curtain, but at all times you must be careful not to scold yourself on the steam. You can wear protective clothing to try and circumvent any harm, but at the very least you must remain wary.

Finally, make sure that your curtains aren’t bunched up afterwards and that they can dry out fully. Failure to do so will likely result in the formation of mould on your curtains that will leave them worse off than before.

Hand Wash

If your curtains are a little on the delicate side, you could instead hand wash them to get them back into shape. Take them down from their rail – being careful not to lose the rail gliders if your curtain has them – and prepare your bathtub with a regular washing powder or one designed specifically for hand washing delicates. Follow the instructions on the washing powder/liquid for appropriate concentrations.

Gently hand wash your curtains to avoid damaging them, working through them meticulously to ensure that all areas are cleaned and the curtains don’t come out in uneven levels of freshness and colour. Leave them outside to dry, ensuring they have dried thoroughly before reattaching them to the rail.

Machine Wash

The least tedious option, however, would be to clean your curtains in the washing machine. You should be careful only to machine wash fabrics that can withstand the machine cycle, otherwise one of the other two options above would be better suited. Set your machine to delicates and hang them out on the line to dry afterwards. A lower temperature setting would be best to avoid shrinking, but if shrinking remains a worry you should hand wash them instead.

Once your curtains are fully dry, you can hang them back up on the railing, safe in the knowledge that they feel as good as new and aren’t threatened by mould. Nevertheless, sometimes curtains are just too far gone beyond saving, and it’s when that realisation dawns or when you want to completely revamp your room’s aesthetic that you need the help of an excellent curtain specialist. That’s where Paul James Blinds come in.

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