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Top tips to stop heat escaping through your windows and doors this winter


As the weather gets colder, we all do our best to avoid the chill and keep our homes a comfortable temperature. You may think that you are taking all the right precautions by keeping your doors and windows closed, turning the heating on for long periods of time and even investing in insulation for your roof and walls, so you might be surprised to learn that at least 10% of the heat in your home is lost through your windows and doors. There are many simple ways to improve the thermal retention of these areas, so follow our top tips to keep your home warmer this winter.

Double glazing

Perhaps the most effective way to improve the insulation of your windows is to invest in some double glazing. Whilst is proven that double glazing is much more insulating than traditional single glazing, the price tag of about £75 per window attached to the upgrade can put a lot of potential buyers off. Furthermore, the savings to be made are debated, with many arguing that the savings are not worth the initial costs of purchasing double glazing. There are some much more affordable steps to be taken before investing in double glazing that can significantly improve the insulation of your windows and doors.


Draughts can make any comfortable room feel much chillier. Identify any draughts around your windows and use a rubber sealant, available from most hardware stores, to block up these gaps. To block draughts coming from under your door, a draught excluder can be placed at the bottom of your doors to keep the cold air firmly outside. These can be as simple as a stuffed fabric tube, though more decorative options and animal shapes allow this practical item to add a personal touch to the room.

Window treatments

The most cost efficient way to increase the insulation properties of your windows is to invest in a high-quality window treatment. Both blinds have effective insulating properties, but we recommend using a combination of both to really keep the room warm. Wooden blinds are by far the most insulating blind option available, with pleated blinds being an excellent alternative. Double up with a heavy material curtain to form an extra insulating barrier between the cold air at your windows and the interiors of your room.

Also, don’t forget that if you have glass doors or skylights, you can even invest in a blind to be fitted to those to ensure the heat stays inside your home.

Paul James Blinds’ colossal range of high-quality blinds  provide everything you need to prevent the heat from escaping your home this winter. Our expert fitters ensure that your new blinds are perfectly and quickly installed into your home, hassle-free. For more information on our services, contact us today.

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